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19/07/2003: A very important message from our member, Suzy: "I just wanted to thank you for putting the warning up about the internet fraud. While it may be to late for me I hope that it can save someone else. I want all members to know that there is a person out there that will try to convince you to mail some stuff to him. Don't do it. I was just interviewed by the United States Secret Service. While I am not gulity of any crime I could have lost a lot more than just my comfort level. So please let all members know to be very careful of who they are giving information to. Please don't give out any information that would allow some one to make you there victim. This includes but is not limited to your ssn #, Bank account #, drivers licence #, and birtdate. Also please be weary when someone asks you to receive something for them and then foward it to them."
20/04/2003: I notice a lot of acePAL members tend to forgot their password or login name, so now I added a new Password Request feature at Update Record page. Members can now request for their password or login name through this new feature.
04/08/2002: WARNING!
It has been reported that various people are using this website for a contact list to commit internet fraud, some members have recieved numerious pleas for help, money. Some are minor and the others have the potential to do a gullable person serious harm. So please be careful and ignore such emails. (Thanks to acePAL.com member,Michael for this information.)
20/01/2002: Lettering size of listing has increased so that members don't have to strain their eyes while browsing through hundreds of listing. (Thanks to acePAL.com member, Tiger Lily for this suggestion.)
Newest members list has been increased from 15 to 20. See the extended list at Browse !!!
I would like to ask all surfers and members of acePAL.com to report any obscene listing found. As this is a family-oriented web site, we do not allow such listing. (A big thank you to acePAL.com member, Alison, for notifying me on this issue.)
25/11/2001: acePAL.com has been awarded the prestigious Golden Web Award 2001-2002 !
21/11/2001: acePAL.com members can now delete their records online at Update Record !
01/11/2001: acePAL.com's birthday on the Internet !!!

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